Would you entrust your child to artificial intelligence?

Leaving a baby or a sick elderly at home and going to work is psychologically challenging. Therefore, parents and their relatives get help from a babysitter or a care-worker and monitor their house via security cameras. While the placement of artificial intelligence (AI) in the cameras makes it easier for them, a new technological development has emerged in this regard through the integration of artificial intelligence into image processing technologies to automatically measure the quality of care provided to patients, elderly, or children receiving home care.

Invidyo‘s smart baby and babysitter camera promises to eliminate parents’ anxiety. The camera automatically finds and records moments when the baby cries. Thanks to face recognition technology, an alarm sounds if a stranger arrives, except for a babysitter, when the parent is not at home. The system recognizes the baby’s face and automatically detects moments when the baby is laughing and takes high-resolution photos, creating a two-minute recap covering the highlights of the day.

Invidyo co-founder Özgür Deniz Önür

Invidyo co-founder Özgür Deniz Önür explained how they came up with this idea, which especially pleased parents and patient relatives. “We have realized that one of the most important issues that parents undergo is the fear they experience while entrusting their children to a babysitter they do not know. In the same way, the babysitters are always worried that they would be blamed for the smallest problems that happen to the children, even though it was often not their fault,” Önür said. “Normally, parents install camera systems in their homes, but unfortunately there is no time to turn back and look at the camera images at the daily rush. We have developed Invidyo to solve this exact problem. Our goal is to automatically identify the important parts of the video footage and present a recap video to the parents, showing them what happens during the day in just a few minutes.”


Stating that smart cameras are mostly used by working parents, Önür noted that the white-collar parents, who entrust the children to the babysitters at home, showed interest, and that the families in the upper-income group that can hire a caregiver at home make up their user profile, pointing to those living in metropolises in Turkey, Europe, and the United States as their target audience.

So, how much should we rely on these AI-backed smart cameras? Özgür Deniz Önür further commented on the system’s success rate. “Cry detection, smart recap, and face recognition algorithms in the camera are developed by our company. We are constantly working to enhance the performance of the algorithm,” he continued. “I can say that we provide much more accurate results with much less error margin than our competitors who offer similar algorithms to their customers abroad. It is hard to give a precise figure because every customer can vary slightly according to the position of the camera, the shape of the room, and the way the child cries. However, I can say that we have achieved an average performance of over 90%.”

Önür stressed that they had rivals abroad but that they sentenced the parents or sick-elderly relative to monitor the camera continuously. “We offer parents a product that they can always watch if they want to. However, they can also find the important moments automatically, even if they do not have time to watch the images,” he said. “Companies using artificial intelligence to produce smart solutions for parents have begun to emerge in the U.S. market. However, these companies are mostly working on analyzing the baby’s sleep. We, on the other hand, specialize in the interaction of the baby and the babysitter.”

Invidyo, which makes active sales in 60 stores in Toys R US in Canada and online on in the U.S. in addition to the Turkish market, is also aiming to open up to the European market soon, starting from Germany.

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